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How do I send voice memos to ask or respond to questions?

If you have an iPhone, learn how to record a voice memo here. If you have an Android learn here. When you are finished recording, please send dat voice to

Where can I listen to the pod?

You can listen on Apple Podcasts, SpotifyGoogle PlayStitcherPocket CastPlayerFM, and CastBox! You can also find each episode, along with shownotes and transcripts on our Podcast page.

Who all works on She’s All Fat?

Read about our creators & hosts, along with our producers and editor on the Who We Are page—then, check out our Pod Squad page for everyone else we’ve collaborated with!

Why are you making this podcast?

So glad you asked! Read our Mission Statement here.

Where can I find the discount codes you mention on the show?

We’ll put the discount codes for each episode in the shownotes, but make sure to also check out our Sponsors page for discount codes plus listener testimonials!

Where can I read more about the show?

We do a lot of interviews and features on other pods! Check out the “Featured On” section of the Podcast page to listen, and look through our News! page to see who’s writing about the show (bonus content: a lot of podcast listicles!)

Do you have a newsletter?

Yes, and it’s a goodie! Subscribe for free here.


How do I donate to the Patreon scholarship?

If you want to sponsor a member of the fatmily, click here and send us your info. If you want to be a scholarship recipient, fill out this form.

Is there a time lag after asking to join the Patreon Facebook group?

New Patrons are usually added to the Facebook group on the Monday after they apply.

How do I join a Patreon meetup?

Come join our Patreon Facebook group (Team Paisley Mu Mu and above) to plan or attend some local meet ups with our fatmily.


How can public spaces be made more inclusive for fat people?

Public spaces can be more inclusive for fat people by creating fat friendly amenities, including bigger benches and seats on public transportation. It is important to create a fat inclusive space because it can call for a cultural change and destigmatize fatness.

How can gym spaces be made more body inclusive?

We talked about working out while fat in this episode and this episode.

How can medical professionals be more inclusive?

This article does a great job at describing how the medical community fails to provide proper care for fat people. We also recommend learning more about Health At Every Size (HAES) practices. We talk about HAES in this episode. We give advice to a body positive nurse in this episode. On this episode we discuss going to the doctor while fat.

Any experience with fat friendly cities? What makes a city fat friendly?

This is a forum that discusses some fat friendly cities and qualifications for fat friendly cities.

Advice & Suggestions:

How can I best be a fat ally?

@ Our Thin Friends.

How do you introduce others to the body positivity movement?

Check out The Body Positive. Also, check out our resources page.

How do I deal with family members’ weight comments?

We talk about educating the family on body positivity in this episode.

Do you have suggestions for how to respond to comments from randos about your weight?

Check out our thoughts in this episode.

How do I combat congrats in response to weight loss?

Remind people that thinness is not a state of grace, that people’s bodies change often, and that weight change is morally neutral, not a call for congratulations.

What about talking to your partners about your relationship with your body?

We discuss dating while fat in this episode. This article discusses online dating while fat.  

Do you have any resources on body positivity and male body image?

Here is a link to some great body positive men.

How do I children and teens about body positivity?

Check out our episode on raising body positive children.

How should fatness be approached in schools?

Schools should include equipment and classrooms that are accessible to fat people. Schools, like many institutions approach fatness with a bias. This article describes that bias and encourages schools to take a HAES approach to teaching.

How do I articulate the difference between thin people with ED and fat people with ED trying to access healthcare for recovery?

People often neglect that fat people can suffer from eating disorders. In fact, fat people’s eating disorders often get overlooked because they do not fit the bill of a stereotypical person suffering from an eating disorder. This article describes what it looks like to be fat with an eating disorder. If you believe you are suffering from an eating disorder, please take this screening test. If you are suffering from an eating disorder and need help, please visit the National Eating Disorder Association website.

How do I deal with the “before and after” picture? How should I react when people post these?

Listen to our thoughts on before and after photos in this episode.

Good bopo accounts to follow?

Diversify your timeline! Here is a list of good Instagram accounts to follow.

Do you have suggestions for media (film, tv, music, etc.) with fat representation?

Watch Dumplin’. Comedian Guy Branum describes why we need more fat representation in media here. Check out the Evolution of Fat Women in TV here. Listen to us talk about books with fat representation in this episode. On this episode we talk about weight loss in reality television (sigh).

What’s the deal with qualifications of fatness and fatness descriptors (smallfat, superfat, etc.)?

Here is a link discussing Super Fat erasure in the body positive movement. We discuss being super fat in this episode. Here is another great article discussing fatness and privilege.

What are some ways to remind people that weight does not equate to health?

Here is a good article describing that you can be healthy without losing weight. We recommend that you study up on HAES practices to remind people that weight is not a main indicator of health. Lastly, you do not owe anyone anything in regards to your body.  

Any advice on your body positive journey through college?

We talk about our college days in this episode.


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How do I address companies, especially indie labels to be size inclusive?

We suggest writing emails and letters to the company demanding size inclusivity. We also suggest starting a social media campaign.

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How did you two meet?

Basically, we met on the List app (RIP). Hear us talk about meeting here.

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