Our Pod Squad is a team of incredibly diverse women or femme-identified people (plus our friend Tennyson, our tech advisor, and Sophie's boyfriend, our former audio editor). We value our squad’s time and talents, so we always compensate and credit our collaborators.

We are currently looking for a WOC (Black/Indigenous WOC especially) who wants to help us create our merchandise (plus-size fanny packs, anyone?)

Yeli Cruz, Intern

Yeli (she/her) moderates the SAF Patreon Facebook Group, helps with social & episode research, & does a lot of other odds and ends for the team!

Freya Selander, Intern

Freya (they/them) moderates the SAF Patreon Facebook Group, updates the website, & does a lot of creative planning!

Jessee Fish,

Site Designer

Britt Scott,



People We've worked with in the past:

Yimu Xue,

Freelance Audio Editor

Trailer, Episode One, Episode Two


Brianne Huntsman, Business Coach & Creative Consultant

Olivia Peace,

Videographer & Animator

Paco de leon,