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This week, we discuss “customer of size” policies and our top travel tips, gifts for educating your family on the bodyposi lifestyle, and Aunt Terri.  Also covered: a Jabba update, dry shampoo, and Pikachu.

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I’m Obsessed:

Sophie’s Glossier referral link for 10% off. Pikachu can talk. Bodak Yellow as a Gospel song. Tila Tequila and other famous Flat-Earthers. Demeter fragrances - Honeysuckle and Mulled Cider. Origins of the Polka “doco.”

The Meat Of It:

Earplanes. Airline seats are getting smaller. Southwest Customer of Size Policy.

Ask A Fattie:

Our resource page. The Body Positive’s book. Intersectional books for kids. Bitch Media. Safety Pin Box. Shrill, by Lindy West. The Turner House, by Angela Flournoy. Redefining Realness, by Janet Mock. This Is Just My Face, by Gabourey Sidibe. Dumplin, by Julie Murphy. Dietland, by Sarai Walker. Miss Representation. Embrace documentary. Kate Harding. Bustle’s strategies for talking with family members.

It’s Okay, You Can Ask:

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