Season 3, Episode 12: Fat through the ages 

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This week we’ll discuss Disney Channel Original Movies, Missy Elliott, and perceptions of fatness through the ages.


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I’m Obsessed: Professional dancer/April’s friend Rachel GladneyThis SNL sketch and this SNL sketch. Alicia Keys messing up a note. April’s BED - discount code is “SAF.”  Uncivil’s recent episode. Jason Derulo sings opera. Post-French Revolution parties. “Lock Up Your Daughters Because They Are Terrifying.”  The Almost 30 episode we’re on! The More Than A Pretty Face episode we’re on! Other information about fat academics/resources.


Tip Jar: Grayscale phone screens.


The Meat of It: Venus of Willendorf. The Bathers by Renoir. Chubby white women in Baroque paintings. Fat people from the OG Paleo diet. The Metamorphoses of Fat: A History of Obesity – reviewed by Dr Katherine Harvey. Medieval POC. Queen Victoria’s ENORMOUS UNDERWEAR. “Stout” corsets. Lord Byron. A History of “Obesity.” Sources from Kathy and Another One. Diet advice from the Greeks.Religious stigmatization of fat bodies. Wall-E’s fat people scene. TVTropes - Big Fat Future. Michael Hobbes’ HuffPo piece featuring Corissa.    


Ask a Fattie: Disney Channel Original Movies.


It’s Okay, You Can Ask: White women doing blackface on Instagram. Ariana Grande.Tony Hawk in the Race War. “I’m tryna get like you.” With beards, without beards.Period!     


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