episode 4.10: fat memes

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This week we discuss fatties on Instagram, I’m baby, and astrology memes. Sophie talks to meme-makers @fat_baaaby and @memesforvalidation!


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In Today’s Episode:


We’re Obsessed: Dead to Me / Linda Cardellini on BMW / 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? / To Wong Foo / T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle / King Wants To Be Homeschooled / Reply All #41 / Mulan meme /SNL — Broadway Sizzle / Singing in the Rain — I Can’t Stand ‘Em  


Call for Submissions: Lynn is doing an episode on Fatness in College! Send us DAT VOICE talking about your experience as a fatty in college.


The Meat of It:


Oxford Dictionary “Meme” definition / Shontavia Johnson TEDx  


Lynn’s Memes: I Smell Like Beef / Can You Believe? / Scorpios / The Harlem Shake / Carleton Memes


Wired Piece / @memesforvalidation / When You Claim You’re Intersectional / Raven Symone gif / Boy Looking Over Shoulder Meme / Starterpack / Reply All episodes #77 and #81 / Sophie’s Verge piece /@fat_baaaby / Indigenous meme accounts @decolonial.meme.queens and @skodenne / Mr Krish Meme@bodypositivememes / @fatgawth / @historicalfatpeople / @artifats_collection / @fat.mermaids


Sophie’s Memes:  somebody toucha my spaghett / that’s my opinion!!! / i was told by apple care / -- in all ways but physical, i am a wolf


Other recommendations from our guests: @femmebirds / @scottloudonofficial / @notallgeminis /@itsametaphorfordeath

Clips from: The Crazy World of Honey Bees / Let Them Bee