episode 4.14 our fat friend, @yrfatfriend

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This week we’ll discuss being anonymous online, fat visibility, and using your privilege for good. Sophie talks to anonymous fat activist and writer, Your Fat Friend!


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We’re Obsessed: Chloe x Halle who knew / Chernobyl / Chernobyl Pod / Alison Roman / Ricotta dumpling salad / Nothing Fancy (Alison Roman’s cookbook) / Salt Fat Acid Heat / #SorryLindsey / Love Island /Supergoop! tinted moisturizer / GLDN (code SAF for $5 off) 


The Meat of It: yrfatfriend / Medium article / The Fat Friend episode / A Draft Agenda for Fat Justice /Disability Justice episode / Kivan Bay / The Way We Talk about Our Bodies is Deeply Flawed / More Your Fat Friend essays / The Gifts of Fatness 

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