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This week our Jr. Producer Lynn takes the reins as we chat about finals, anti-fat bias in academia, and all things uni!

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The Meat of It: Lynn / Carleton College / Carleton Student Demographic Info / Carls Talk Back / Carls Talk Back on Fb / Carleton Professor Violated Sexual Misconduct Policy and Still Works at Carleton and the College Is Protecting Him / Hookup Culture / Defeat of Jesse James Days / Queer Eye trailer / CYG Real Queer America / Aren Aizura Mobile Subjects / 10 Things I Hate about You / New Life Thrift / Maria @bubulubufanclub / 2000s Fat Studies courses / Oberlin’s Critical Fat Studies / Oberlin Student Demographic Info / Fabulous and Big / The Body Positive leadership program / Lizzo Tweet 


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