season 4 episode 2: fattie Film school: dumplin’ with special guests julie murphy

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This week, we discuss what we’re watching this week, YA, and Dumplin’, and Julie Murphy will be answering a question with Sophie!


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We’re obsessed: The new Spiderman w/ Jake Gyllenhaal / Jake Gyllenhaal with Lupita / Jake Gyllenhaal isn’t here for mispronunciation clip / Lynn is linking this article where Jake Gyllenhaal talks about Brokeback mountain and Heath Ledger bc it is wild to talk about Jake’s beauty without mentioning this movie / Nurse Jackie / Raveena on Colors / Umbrella Academy / Shrill / Sophie’s 10% off Glossier Link


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The Meat of It: Dumplin’ on Netflix / Julie Murphy / Modkat Litter Box / Julie’s other books / Dear Sweet Pea /


Songs: White Teeth Teens by Lorde / 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton / Red Shoes by Dolly Parton


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