high fashion gets fat: a sponsored minisode with 11 honoré

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In this minisode, we discuss high fashion, accessibility, and 11 Honoré!


This minisode is sponsored by 11 Honore. She's All Fat listeners can get 20% off one order of regular price items, from now through July. Visit 11honore.com and use code SAF20.


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In this minisode:


11 Honore / Patrick Herning /  Nicole Phillips / JC Obando / The Devil Wears Prada / Our Fashion Episodesustainable swimwear company / Marina Rinaldi / Net-a-Porter / Zero Maria Cornejo / Mara Hoffman /Elizabeth Stewart Collab / 11 Honore NYFW / Vogue piece / Our Costuming Episode /  @11Honore on Insta / 11 Honore Fit/sizing page / JC Obando clothes


Some of our fashion research sources: All About Haute / Haute History / Basic Haute Couture / More Haute History / NYT High Fashion / NYFW 2018 / Paris Fashion Week 2018

Music from Blue Dot Sessions and the BBC Sound Archive