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season 2 episode 8: Our Fat President

This week we discuss liberal fatphobia, Ricky Gervais, and grocery store small talk.

season 2 episode 7: Fattie Film School #3 (Loosely Exactly Nicole)

This week we discuss Loosely Exactly Nicole, The OC, and stranger danger.

season 2 episode 6: Fat(suit) Like Me

This week we discuss bisexual lighting, fat suits, and SoulGlo.

season 2 episode 5: She's All Fat Goes to the Doctor

This week we discuss Sophie’s new Ikea dresser, a special live performance announcement, and going to the doctor.

season 2 episode 4: Fat Dating: Through Thick and Thicc

This week we discuss dating, Black Panther, and Degrassi.

Season 2 episode 3: state of the Fat Union

This week we discuss Amy Schumer, our college days, and Thiccana.

Season 2 Episode 2: You've Got Mail II

This week, we discuss how to be a straight size ally with your money, breakups, and Kylie Kylie Kylie.

Season 2 episode 1: New Year, Same Fat Us

This week, we discuss anti-resolutions, bears, and dealing with chronic illnesses as a bodypos babe. Also covered: Katy Perry, productivity, and Tevas.

minisode #2: Have Yourself a Curvy Little Christmas

This week, we discuss justice for Mrs. Clause, our favorite Christmas traditions, and Swarovski crystal figurines. Ho ho ho.

episode 13: traveling while fat

This week, we discuss “customer of size” policies and our top travel tips, gifts for educating your family on the bodyposi lifestyle, and Aunt Terri.  Also covered: a Jabba update, dry shampoo, and Pikachu.

Episode 12: Fattie Film School #2 (Huge)

This week, we discuss the show “Huge,” mommy vloggers, and how we stay so chill. Also covered: being Liberian-American, tankinis, and the fat most popular girl in school.

Minisode #1: Thanksgiving Survival Guide

In this week’s minisode, we’ll discuss strategies to deal with family fat-shamers, a Stars Hollow Thanksgiving, and the one good man (not Charlie Brown).  Also covered: Patti Pies, our favorite sides, and what we are thankful for.

episode 11: The Fat Friend

This week, we discuss fat friendships, fancy smells, and Riverdale. Also covered: Terrace House, The Duff, and Lil Romeo.

episode 10: Making it in the Plus-Size Fashion Industry with GabiFresh

This week, we discuss journaling, racist stocking manufacturers, blushing, and we have a special interview with Gabi Gregg aka @Gabifresh. Also covered: parking tickets, plus-sized fashion, and Premme.

saf on htblo!

Listen to our guest episode on How To Be Less Old, where we talked about radical self-love, how to be a better friend to your fat friends, and we taught Deanna and Emily the term "straight size."

Episode 9: Roxane Gay's Hunger

This week, we discuss Roxane Gay’s Hunger, the ting goes skrah, and watermelon. Also covered: Sheer Mag, Lane Bryant, and Maggie Gyllenhaal’s scarves.

episode 8: boo! fear the fat

This week, we discuss evil fat characters, Jonathan Groff, and churning butter. Also covered: Haim, Highlighter, and Horror.

Episode 7: You've Got Mail!

This week, we discuss raising body positive children, dumb blonde jokes, and Marvin Gaye. Also, covered: advice for a bodyposi nurse, the prison of fashion, and “abundant” bodies.

Episode 6: Fattie Film School #1 (My Mad Fat Diary)

This week, we discuss My Mad Fat Diary, graphic novels, and magical unicorns from the planet Jupiter. Also covered: Anya’s Ghost, crop tops, sexy bacne.


Listen to the SAF takeover of CYG, where we talk about Oprah's history of pushing dieting, buckets of fat, and a bodypos primer for Ann and Amina's audience.


Episode 5: Much Ado About Hair

This week, we discuss politicized hair, self-love mantras, and penis graffiti. Also covered: Fattyoncé, Zadie Smith, and struggling with self-love while in a relationship.

Episode 4: We Love Our CurvyCon

This week, we discuss nautical-themed birdhouses, the concept of Health at Every Size, and CurvyCon. Also covered: Polka music, fashion shows, doughnuts and doo-dads.

Episode 3: BodyPosi politics with melissa gibson

This week, we talk to Melissa Gibson, @yourstruelymelly on Instagram, a body positive scholar and future lawyer, about the roots of the body positive movement, the problems facing us today, and how we can make this community even better. Also covered: the television show Younger, great Twitter follows, and wigs wigs wigs.

Episode 2: "where do you get your confidence?"

This week, we discuss the word “confidence,” feminist tampons, and Demi Lovato’s thoughts on her breasts. Also covered: a nun with a penchant for salami, Kofi Siriboe, and The Proposal. 

Episode 1: fat narratives

This week, we introduce ourselves, tell you what you can expect from this podcast, and discuss the fat narratives that shaped our childhoods. Also covered: the concepts of body positivity, self-love, and body justice, and the solutions to some fat summer problems. 

Trailer time!

She's All Fat premieres on September 7th! To whet your body-posi appetites, take a listen to your magical hosts April K. Quioh and Sophie Carter-Kahn as they give you a taste of what SAF is going to be all about.